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So Sunderman did submit it. Not only did the OAC ac-cept his paper into the conference, they named it the best undergraduate essay. What started as a final essay evolved into an extraordinary experiential learning event in which Sunderman shared his ideas with a group of professors and academics from all over Ohio. Willis-Chun, along with Communication Chair and Associate Professor Jon Gordon , accompanied Sunderman to the conference, sup-porting and guiding him in preparation for his presentation. Sunderman says that his participation in the conference was a big moment for him; for the first time, he realized aca-demic experience could transcend the classroom, that what he wrote wasn’t just an assignment, but that he “might have something to offer this field.” And while Sunderman doesn’t yet consider himself a true academic, he says he’s “getting there.” Which is good, because he hopes to attend graduate school and become involved with teaching – where his experiential learning at Hiram will likely serve him (not to mention his students) well. Yuting Ye ’13 showing her poster to Michael Mroz’13. Phie Phyo (Kauk Kauk) Aung ’12 , Sambid Wasti ’12 and Yuting Ye ’13 presented their research at the American Physical Society, Ohio Region, 2011 Fall Meeting. Subrat Khanal ’12 and Michael Mroz ’13 also attended, along with Physics Professor Laura Van Wormer (who is currently secretary of the Ohio Section of the APS) and Associate Professor Mark Taylor . Devlin Geroski ’14 is a writing and philosophy major. He likes books enough to want to write them, and he finds people’s minds interesting. Kaylyn Gamertsfelder ’14 is a communication/Spanish major. After graduating, she hopes to make a difference by working for a nonprofit organization.  FALL 2011 25

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