University of Cincinnati Magazine April 2008 : 3

April 2008 30 REAL-WORLD RESEARCH Nationally ranked as a research powerhouse, UC, along with its affiliates, attracted $333.5 million last year to investigate ways to improve life for everyone. On the following pages, “UC Magazine” illustrates 100 ways the university is accomplishing that through eight different colleges, a dozen centers and the Foundation. The value of research One-third of UC’s budget supports lifesaving research and propels UC to the top of national rankings. Disarming Cincinnati’s violent criminals Melting glaciers reveal climate change 20 by John Bach 18 by Amanda Hughes 20 Photographs capture perfect Japanese apples by Deborah Rieselman 22 Cancer spike found among firefighters Confusing customers to make a sale Fighting fat from another angle by John Bach 26 UC docs revolutionize stroke treatment Geology research dives underwater Breast cancer breakthroughs Designing new medical devices Research examines ethical decisions BEARCAT SPORTS World Series winner 22 32 Alumnus Kevin Youkilis wins second ring with Red Sox. DEPARTMENTS Letters, dream jobs News President’s column 2 8 In Focus: Japanese apples 24 Alumni Connection Index to 105 alumni A Strong Foundation 13 40 43 44 On Campus Yesterday, 1960s 48 ((( UC))) WEB EXTRAS 3-D models of UC’s campus 4 Video: Expert yo-yo lesson 7 Video: UC bowl game 11 Download old News Records 12 Research award winners 16 Video: ‘Modeling’ software 16 Complete list of rankings 17 by Keith Jenkins 38 by Amanda Hughes 27 by Amanda Hughes 28 by John Bach 30 by Amanda Hughes 32 by John Bach 34 by Amanda Hughes 36 by Amanda Hughes 37 by Deborah Rieselman 14

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