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University of Cincinnati Magazine University of Cincinnati March 2015 : IFC

CONTENTS FEATURES 12 Teddy’s legacy A century after the original Bearcat inspired his team’s name, Teddy Baehr’s legacy extends far beyond the football field. by John Bach A 100-year timeline reveals how a simple cartoon drawing became UC’s symbol of pride. by Kevin Grace Past mascots share experiences bring-ing the Bearcat to life — including a UC trustee on the day the fur flew versus the U of L Cardinal. by John Bach and Caitlin Whitehurst One rather exposed alumnus has been strumming his guitar and turning heads for years as New York City’s famous Naked Cowboy. by Amanda Chalifoux 18 Evolution of the Bearcat 12 26 View from inside the suit 30 Barecat 26 photo/Lisa Ventre 32 Locks of laughter 18 Alumna and Emmy-winning hairstylist for “Saturday Night Live” wants people p. to 30 laugh at her work. by Amanda Chalifoux LA comedian and UC engineering gradu-ate Rajiv Satyal pauses from his tour to share his take on odd cultural phrases we all say. by Rajiv Satyal Alumnus embraces ‘new urbanism’ move-ment by developing walkable communi-ties. by Keith Stichtenoth 40 Odd things people say 42 Town architect University of Cincinnati UC Magazine March 2015

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