New Teacher Advocate KDP New Teacher Advocate Spring 2015 : Page 3 4. Show your teamwork. Every athlete has always had a teammate or two that they did not connect with in the locker room, but the two of you still worked together and showed compatibility on the field. Your other teachers are your best resources. Even if your personalities are not compatible, you must still learn to work together for the common good of not only yourself but the students. 5. Keep your composure. Every athlete has been put in a big-time pressure situ-ation during his or her career. Teaching is no different. Your buttons will be pushed at some point, or you will have a thou-sand things to do and a family situation, but you must persevere and continue on through your lessons and be careful not to react out of stress. 6. “You are only as good as your last game.” This is a very common adage in sports. It means that no matter how good you are, you can have a bad game. The same may happen in your class-room. Lessons do not always work out as planned. Things change, technology mal-functions, or an experiment may fizzle. You just have to move on from your “bad game” and try to be better next time. You should always try to make your next lesson your best lesson. I have traded in the white lines of the base-ball field for the white walls, albeit covered with posters, of the classroom. It is a decision that I will never regret. It may get hard at times, but I know that it is rewarding. It is your responsibil-ity to use your background to connect with your students, just as I do as a former athlete turned student teacher. Share in their passions and they will share in yours. Most importantly, remember that you play a big part in your students’ lives. They may share the same passion you had as a child, or they may have different passions, but you can be the motivator they need to get to the next level. N T A New Teacher Advocate online: Live links and downloadable articles available at HKW NTA ad 3 v3.indd 1 KDP New Teacher Advocate • Spring 2015 • 3 12/1/14 2:53 PM

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