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UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI MAGAZINE October 2009 The many faces of UC UC’s successful efforts toward diversity and inclusivity have drawn national attention. The real sto- ries, of course, go beyond statistics, so here we show how some of the varied faces around campus came to be here. 6 Meet UC’s new president 16 UC embraces diversity as core value 20 Kenyans run to help others at home 22 Female engineer from India sets example 24 UC helps blind student meet challenges 26 Civil rights pioneer breaks barriers 28 Disability no match for law student’s resolve 30 Alum assesses campus climate for gays 32 Asian-American ‘big man’ on campus Bearcat Sports 36 Women’s basketball hires national champ 38 First-hand look at Football 101 for women 39 A home run for the record books Departments 2 Letters, mascot tales, dream job 8 News 14 In Focus: international dancers 34 In Focus: swim meet for disabled 40 Proudly Cincinnati 47 Index to 92 alumni 48 On Campus Yesterday, 1970 Green option: If you would prefer to receive “UC Magazine” electronically rather than in print, please fill out the form at by John Bach by Amanda Chalifoux by John Bach by Deborah Rieselman by Deborah Rieselman by John Bach by Amanda Chalifoux by Katy Cosse by John Bach by John Bach by Deborah Rieselman by Amanda Chalifoux

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