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we are FKT Rob Bironas placekicker, tennessee titans nashville, tenn. 11 11 the athlete Though rob Bironas, Eastern Kentucky ’12, heard about Phi Kappa Tau in college, he was too focused on football to join a Fraternity. That focus paid off. Today, Bironas is known for his precision as a placekicker for the Tennessee Titans, a trait that came with much perseverance and hard work. And years later, that fraternity he’d heard about around the Auburn campus was still interested in recruiting him. At Phi Kappa Tau’s 60th National Convention in Nashville, Bironas joined Chad Warrix, Eastern Kentucky ’12, as an initiate. “Phi Tau does a lot of great things and has strong name recognition for the work it does in the community. That’s what originally drew me to the organization, because I do a lot of philanthropy with my own charity, the Bironas Fund. I didn’t really understand philanthropy when I first got into the league, but as I keep getting involved, I find more and more passion in helping others. Getting out and giving back to the community is a huge thing in my eyes because one autograph, one picture, one hour of my time is not a big deal to me, but it makes a big impact in the lives of those who really need it. Collectively, we can all make an even bigger difference.” The THE LaureL LAUREL | Learning. Leading. Serving.

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