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It doesn’t take much. How do you maintain—or even regain—that special spark of sisterhood? There’s nothing quite like the bond we share, and sometimes it doesn’t require much to invite a flood of fond memories. Perhaps a few magazine pages can help? Get to know your only Oscar-winning sister, Eva Marie Saint (pp. 12-17); catch up on the updates from organized alumnae groups (pp. 35-46); check out an inspirational sisterhood story (pp. 30-31) and so much more! the main events 12 Eva Marie Saint 22 Motivated to Do More a rare disorder spurs action info, news & updates 4 For Starters 8 Fraternity Financial Report 9 Calling Convention Delegates 10 President’s Pen 18 News Flash 36 Around Town 51 In Memoriam alumnae group updates member news how to elect Council who’s a lame duck? not her! spotlights, big & small 19 The Scoop 21 Panhellenic Leaders 26 In the House 28 Cool Job 32 Focus on Foundation 47 Get-togethers Beta Iota chapter house living the vision mission remembering Ruth Sager & more on the cover When Eva Marie Saint, Beta Mu-Bowling Green, paused for this photo on the set of Exodus in 1960, the Academy Award-winning actress was unpretentious and approachable. Today—and ever since—she’s just the same. Get to know her, starting on p. 12. in your words 6 You Said It 20 From the Pens 22 Motivated to Do More 30 Sisterhood Story letters DG authors & featured book excerpt a rare disorder spurs action can friends replace sisters?

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