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Run for Prevention Epsilon Gamma , North Carolina , hosts an annual run, the Tarheel Trot, to fundraise for Friends for an Earlier Test for Breast Cancer, an organization founded by alumna Martha Hendrix Kaley . After surviving breast cancer that was not detected by a mammogram, Martha put her pharmacy and science background to work to help others. In December of 1991, before her breast cancer, Martha had a mammogram that was “fine.” Three months later her dog, Matilda, jumped on her, scratching her right side. It left a straight line bruise that disturbed her. A surgeon removed a mass, which was benign, but behind it, against her chest wall, he found a malignancy. Martha says Matilda was her guardian angel and the cancer might not have been found until too late if it hadn’t been for Matilda. Now, Martha’s full-time job is running Friends for an Earlier Test. Focusing on research, Friends funds $40,000 seed grants for start-up research. Martha has chosen to support research because “we lose potential research funds because the funding process is difficult and complex.” She also hopes that an earlier test will relieve women of the burden of finding their own cancer. She says with a blood test, “the weight of cancer diagnosis is not on the woman herself,” as it is can seem with the responsibility of self-exam and scheduling mammograms. While Martha supports research to find an earlier test, she does not discount mammograms. “Imaging has its place, but we need to find a different route to that imaging,” says Martha. For more, visit Epsilon Gamma , UNC , hosts the Tarheel Trot, which is one of the main events that funds Martha Kaley’s Friends for an Earlier Test for Breast Cancer organization. #4 Inspire Others Walk for Prevention Two longtime friends have teamed up for the October 2011 Avon Breast Cancer walk in New York City. Cassandra Martin Walker and Kelli Ragan Franklin , both Auburn , will walk the 39-mile, two-day Avon walk as the “Hoots & ’Lis” team. Having lost loved ones to breast cancer, Cassandra and Kelli will walk to promote awareness and prevention and to honor friends and family who have fought breast cancer. Cassandra, a full-time volunteer supporting Army families in Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., and Kelli, a Boys and Girls Club volunteer in Beaufort, S.C., chose the New York City Avon walk because of their mutual love of the city. Their excitement has inspired friends to join the team, which is aptly named for their collective love for Kappa. They named their team Hoots “for all the women who are supporting their effort to keep their ‘hooters’ healthy,” says Cassandra. ‘Lis is short for fleur-de-lis, holding true to their Kappa Kappa Gamma roots. Auburn alumnae Kelli Ragan Franklin and Cassandra Martin Walker will represent team “Hoots & ‘Lis” at the 2011 New York City Avon Breast Cancer walk this October. • Summer 2011 • The Key • 19

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