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THE JOURNAL OF CHI PSI FRATERNITY Chi Psi Purple and Gold Fall 2014 : Page 1

P & G T HE J OURNAL OF C HI P SI F RATERNITY F ALL 2014 The Purple and Gold Chi Psi’s Psi’s New New #7, #7, Verne Verne Istock, Istock, Chi E’62, and and his his wife, wife, Judy Judy E’62, A LSO A LSO I I NSIDE NSIDE T T HIS HIS I I SSUE SSUE : : • Nashville Nashville Hosts Hosts 173rd 173rd Convention Convention • • Spotlight: Spotlight: Chi Chi Psis Psis Under Under 30 30 • • Spencer Spencer Properties: Properties: A A Resource Resource • • Alpha Alpha Phi’s Phi’s Bat Bat Light Light Restored Restored •

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