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OH O’s GOLF and how you’ve played so far. He said if you watch your swing you’re not getting out of the way the way you used to. What is your take on his opinion? (TW) Absolutely no doubt. Had to be that way. Worst thing you can do is stretch out the ligament right away. The surgery would have been all for naught. That’s one of the reasons it takes athletes longer to come back. That is one of the reasons why I haven’t been able to hit balls as far as I normally do, but that’s com- ing. Each week I am able to hit it a little bit longer. great. Just a little longer before I’m all the way back. It’s Have you been looking forward to playing again with Jack? Are you going to give him the business? (TW) Well, I am looking forward to it, no doubt. Any time you can play with Jack … obviously, we know he doesn’t play much anymore. For him to get out there and play in front of people, it’s ing to feel good. For us as players, and certainly the fans. m nd Tiger, with the U.S. Open at Bethpage this year, could you tell us some sto- ries about your muni golf days? Did you walk up to the counter and pay yourself? Did your mom and dad give you money? Tiger, what do you remember about playing with Jack for the fi rst time? (TW) It was a practice round at the Masters. It was him and Arnold. You know, tall, thin-looking, 1-iron kid. And we played skins. Arnold birdied the last hole to take all the skins. I remember Jack not being happy about that. And he basically said, “Let’s go get Arnold on the par-3 course.” I’m like, “Really, you want me to go play? Let’s go. But I don’t have a tee time.” He said, “We’ll work it out.” So we walk over there on the tee. Just like that. It was pretty cool. For them to invite me to play basically 27 holes with them, certainly a day I will never forget. How did the par-3 turn out? Worst thing (TW) Turned out well. I birdied the last hole to even it out a little bit? Quarters? you can do is stretch out the ligament right away. The surgery would have been all for naught. (TW) I defi nitely did it. One, I couldn’t see over the counter, I’d be yelling from under counter. The guy would stick his head out from out over. der I’d pay my money. Usually from my earnings the day before. Putting green. That’s usually how I got my greens fees. Putting with your dad? (TW) No. Pigeons? (TW) Exactly. I was a little kid. (I’d ask) “Want to putt? Want to play for some skins?” I used to come home with a pocket full of quarters. So after a couple of weeks of that my dad got real frustrated. So he said, “No more playing for quarters.” Next day I come home. I grew up at Hartwell. It’s a par-3 course. I come home with a pocket full of dollars. Basically, he said no more gambling. 18 1 JULY 2009 • WWW.OHIOSGOLF.COM Quar (T (TW) Not quarters. Tiger, your daughter Sam is nearly the same age as you were when you were on the Mike Douglas Show. that wild for you to imagine, and does she share any of your precociousness at that age? th w th sh at th wild? Yeah. It’s hard to believe I was swinging a club at that age. But she certainly has my temper. How about your vocabulary? (TW) Not yet. But yeah, she doesn’t like for me to help her hold a golf club. She’ll fi gure it out herself. Yeah, sounds very familiar. OG Is

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